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“eye-popping and knowledge-expanding”

Vancouver International Film Festival

“Uncompromising creativity, philosophically informed, visually exciting, innovative and honest.”

Mark Achbar, Filmmaker, Producer

“What makes Hockenhull’s film so extraordinary rich is that it combines three different ideas, any one of which would be sufficient for a lesser film, into a richly intersecting weave.”

The Chicago Reader

“Important, and seriously entertaining, unforgettable, challenging, enlightening and …funny.”

Katherine Monk, The Vancouver Sun

“seductive and intriguing filmmaking…”

Acquarello, Filmref

“The most amazing thing is how he touches on so many aspects of evolution in the same movie, without really losing his train of thought. From the religious debate surrounding evolution vs. Genesis, to genetic engineering and the human animal in the digital age, Hockenhull pulls it all together. “

Katherine Monk, The Vancouver Sun

Four and 1/2 Stars on Amazon | 8 out of 10 Rating on IMBD

"Incredible!!!...Crucial and an important view on the future of medicine." "The information and the filmmaking of this documentary is exceptional." (91 reviews 70% 5 stars 20% 4 stars)

“…a visually daring look at evolutionary theory that comes off like a university course in paleobiology as taught by Marshall McLuhan. “

Monday Magazine

“It is as if you are looking at Meaning itself, traveling down to the realms below ordinary experience where the energy patterns that generate the world are circulating.”

Film International, David Finkelstein, 2017

“Shockingly beautiful. “

Maria Sasano, See Magazine

“…judicious editing and sublime visuals…the filmmaker succeeds with a colourful advocacy that fuses science, art & spirituality into a seamless whole.”

Geoff Olson, Vancouver Courier

“Politically charged moments or events are used as a springboard to examine a whole range of other concerns — the language of cinema, communication theory, human interaction, philosophical considerations. His preoccupation with creating a voice for the underdog and with the subversion of authority gives each of these works a strength akin to much of Latin American cinema’s early gems. This, coupled with a look that challenges and engages the viewer’s eye with lush and sensuous images, adds up to some very worthwhile work.”

Noise Magazine

“…there is a growing consensus that the so-called “War on Drugs” has been a catastrophic failure. This is not a difficult case to make and constitutes more an illustrative side-note to this really quite beautiful film.”


“…a thoughtful and well-researched documentary …I don’t use the word scholar lightly when I describe Hockenhull. On top of that, its visually stunning, with all kinds of unusual layers of art, video, and effects”

The Georgia Straight

“…infused with a certain wide-eyed curiosity and sense of adventure, thoughtfulness, and self-effacing humor.”

DAMP: “The theorizing here is smart, the visuals endlessly inventive. When most of us weren’t looking, Vancouver displaced Toronto as the Canadian centre for vanguard thinking about media, culture and place.”

Will Straw, Professor, Media, McGill, Montreal

“Realizing the potential of a complete cinematic experience…beautiful and engaging complexity.”

Tania Bolskaya, DISCORDER

“…will mess with your mind; bending it, expanding it and teaching it that it is merely part of a continuum. The experience is simultaneously humbling and exhilarating, A fabulous achievement!”

Kevin McMahon, filmmaker/writer

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The International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam X 2 (Official Competition Film)——Museum of Modern Art, NYC—The World Transhumanist Association & the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology | University of Toronto—The Nouveau Cinema/Media Festival, Montreal (x 3)—Pacific Film Archives/Berkeley Art Museum—National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.—Tribeca Center for the Arts NYC—The Leipzig International Documentary Festival—VRML'99 @ Siemens-Nixdorf, Computer Gallery, Paderborn, Germany——HOT DOCS, Toronto—Troia International Film Festival, Portugal—European Media Arts Festival, Osnabruck, Germany (X 3)—Victoria Independent Film Festival—The Montreal World Film Festival—Film Society of Lincoln Center, N.Y.C.—Canadian Film Institute, Ottawa—The International Experimental Film Congress, Toronto—Chicago Filmmakers—The London Film Co-op, Great Britain—The San Francisco Cinematheque—Los Angeles, Film Forum—The Grierson Seminar, Toronto—Millennium, New York City—Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions—Pleasure Dome, Toronto—The Best of the NorthWest Film Festival, Portland (X 4)—IMAGES Festival, Toronto—The Melbourne International Film Festival—The Rotterdam International Film and Architecture Film Festival, The Netherlands Architecture Institute—The Kerala International Film Festival, India—The International Film Festival on Art, Montreal—The Canadian Embassy, Washington, D.C.—International Scientific Film Festival, Hungary (opening film of festival)—New York Video Festival—Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin—Centre de Cultura Contemparania de Barcelona—MIT/Boston—Chicago International Film Festival—Viper International Media Festival, Basel, Switzerland—New Zealand Architecture Film Festival—EXGROUND Media Festival, Wiesbaden, Germany —Filmer La Musique, Mk2 Quai de Seine, Paris—Belgrade Summer Festival (short films)—African Architecture Film Festival, Screenings in Durban, Johannesburg & Cape Town—International New Media Festival Seoul (X 2)—Festival Internacional de Arte Experimental, Bilbao, Spain—Vancouver International Film Festival (X 7)

  • Most recent (various films): Seattle International Film Festival—Jury Award Northwest Film Festival Portland (‘15)—Leiden International Short Film Experience ('15)—Antimatter Media Arts, Victoria, (‘15)—25 eme Festival International du Film D'Animation — Les Nuits Magiques Bègles/Bordeux, France—December ‘15—Honoka'a People's Theatre, Hawaii, January, 2016—Selected, The Best of the 42nd Northwest Filmmakers' Festival Tour—2016