Western Conventional

Films & media installations have shown at such film festivals and venues as — The International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam, The Museum of Modern Art, NYC, Hot Docs, Toronto, The National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., The Sao Paulo International Film Festival, The Melbourne International Film Festival, MIT/Boston, The Contemporary Cultural Centre of Barcelona, The Vancouver International Film Festival, The San Francisco Cinematheque, The International New Media Festival, Seoul, The Chicago International Film Festival, Festival Internacional de Arte Experimental, Bilbao, Spain, Tribeca Center for the Arts, NYC, Lincoln Center, NYC, etc. Works have been broadcasted on Canadian and European television.

His works are iconoclastic, visionary journeys enlivened by an intimate, poetic, and enlightening perspective, concentrating on pivotal subjects; the social and intellectual import of the eminent writer, Aldous Huxley; an experimental film essay on evolution featuring Richard Dawkins (and the gorillas of the London Zoo); an essay on architecture extending from the early works of Mies van der Rohe to the steps of the Burning Ghats of Varanasi; a hyper media installation that questions ‘chance‘ — as quantum indeterminate noise — to edit video —— and (2013/2014) a double versioned feature documentary on psychedelics.

Audience favourite Neurons to Nirvana: Understanding Psychedelic Medicines (69 minutes) and From Neurons to Nirvana: The Great Medicines (108 minutes) has screened to sold out audiences throughout the USA and Europe. 

Currently 8 rating on http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2195566/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

Available on the NFB site: https://www.nfb.ca/film/neurons_to_nirvana/

On iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/movie/neurons-to-nirvana-understanding/id786878986

On Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Neurons-Nirvana-Understanding-Psychedelic-Medicines/dp/B00J0CHX72

Oliver has also been involved in the study, theory, and application of new media imaging and authoring technologies, and has been a research associate with The Centre for Image and Sound Research in Vancouver and a director/resident at The Banff Centre for the Arts where he built architectural constructions in VRML and L-Systems.

“Damp: Contemporary Vancouver Media Arts”, a critical hardcover book which he co-edited and co-designed, with Alex MacKenzie was released by Anvil Press in 2008.

As a member of WebWeavers Network Society, he contributed to the online launch of one of the first cultural websites in Canada, and with Thecla Schiporst he initiated a premiere online gallery & curated festival for digital media arts (digital earth foundation 1994 — 2000).

His early groundbreaking hypertext documents have been used in courses at: the University of Virginia Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities; “Tech-Sci Culture” at the University of California, Santa Barbara; University of Iowa; Victoria University (NZ); the Rensselaer Tech. Institute, New York State; and at the Institute for Social Theory at Keele University, UK.

Most recents screenings of short computer animation works: Leiden International Short Film Experience ('15), Antimatter Media Arts, Victoria, Jury Award Northwest Film Festival, Portland (‘15) for ROBOT PAVLOV SPUTNIK (7 minutes, 2015) » CHERENKOV RADIATION (3 minutes, 2015), was most recently presented in competition at 25 eme Festival International du Film D'Animation — Les Nuits Magiques Bègles/Bordeux, France—December (‘15)

He studied at Simon Fraser University, concentrating on communications, phenomenology and existentialism (with a preference for the work of Karl Jaspers) and cinema & is an alumni of the Canadian Film Centre. He has previously taught at Northwestern University in Illinois in the faculty of Film & Video and earlier, hyper media courses at the University of British Columbia.


HyperMedia Work


A media piece utilizing Poincaré’s recurrence theorem via an imperfectly realized Arnold’s Cat Map.


We have installed a REG, - a random event generator - that uses quantum-indeterminate electronic noise in the form of low-amplitude voltage fluctuations to generate a constant stream of apparently random numbers. This REG is installed atop a standard white museum plinth.  It is wifi'd to a computer.

The resulting information is combed by a series of statistical benchmarks and translated to provide parameters for a further algorithm that edits a collection of video and sound clips.

Conceived/Directed/Edited and Basic Jitter/Max Programming by Oliver Hockenhull

Statistical Wizardry and Technical Assistance: Peter Courtemanche/Western Front



- essay published in THE SHARPEST POINT: ANIMATION AT THE END OF CINEMA - YYZ     BOOKS, 2005, Toronto


These pages were early experimental hypertext essays. The original essays were commissioned by CISR – centre for sound and image research – a one time CDN centre for excellence based in Vancouver. (The pages have had different URL’s over time)

Used by educators from: The University of Virginia Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities, Tech-SciCulture- University of California, Santa Barbara, The University of Iowa, Victoria University (NZ), Rensselaer Tech. Institute, New York State, McGill, Montréal, U.B.C. Foundation, John Hopkins University – post modern site, The University of East London, U.K., The Institute for Social Theory at Keele University, U.K., Texas State University, Dept. of Writing, The University of Vermont, University of Illinois, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, (critical approaches to culture, communications, and hypermedia), The University of Southern California, and Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.   Some of the more technical parts of the hypertext document work have been cited and discussed in the following journals and articles: Information Sciences Institute and The Journal of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers/Computer Society - Using Adaptive Hypermedia to Support Organizational Memory and Learning

David Croasdell, David Paradice & James Courtney, Department of Business Analysis and Design, Texas A&M University, Virtue-Nets: Toward a Model for Expanding Knowledge Networks, proceedings of the 37th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences

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E V O, documentary film essay on evolution (with the eminent evolutionist — Richard Dawkins ) — as a DVD-R, multi-versioned, stochastically defined edit.

VRML Art — Site included a functioning ‘reconstruction' of Tatlin's Monument to the Third International, Boulleé's Cenotaph to Newton, innovations in Java Scripting and experimental constructions using mutations in L-SYSTEMS, (morphogenetic programming).

Founding Co-Director (with Professor Thecla Schiphorst ) of "Digital Earth — Centre for Telecommunications, Interactivity & Art", a non-profit cultural society. Numerous online early art projects with “Digital Earth”.

Lecture Presentation @ Hypernation Video Conference — between McGill University, Montreal, Western Front Gallery, Vancouver.

Contributing Writer, voice over, "Restless Machine", CD-ROM on Industrial Music.

Researcher, hyper-text writer, on contract with the Multimedia, Art and Telecommunication Project of the Centre For Image and Sound Research, Vancouver, Canada.

Founding member of Webweavers, a group of computer specialists and art researchers who constructed ANIMA, Arts Network for Integrated Media Arts. This was the first (1994) cultural web site in Canada and the second site on line in (WWW/Mosaic Browser) in British Columbia - ANIMA: Home - Created Jan 15-94, Modified May 18-95, Version 1.98/5 - Visit Via The Way Back Machine - http://web.archive.org/web/19961028072819/www.anima.wis.net/ANIMAhome.html

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Oliver began a meditation practice at 15, met and dialogued with Buckminster Fuller at the age of 17 and hit the road at 18.

He is an initiate of various Yogas, committed to Kriya practice since1978, he received the darshan of Nisargadatta Maharaj (Advaita Vedanta | nondualism philosophy) in Mumbai in the late 1970’s, had the good fortune to retreat to the Sri Ramanashramam in 1996, and has been an “old student” of Vipassana ("mindful meditation") since the very early years of the movement in North America more than 30 years ago.

shockingly beautiful digital video essay on the philosophy of architecture