director | writer: oliver hockenhull

Co-production with the Banff Centre for the Arts
21 minutes

Broadcast on the Bravo! Network.

Matilda Brown is 21 years old. She began piano at the age of 6 and started composing at the age of 11. She is one of the youngest composer ever accepted into the prestigious Composer Residence Program of Canada’s premiere cultural centre: The Banff Centre for the Arts.

Matilda is just beginning her career as a composer and has already attained recognition for her innovative style, her use of rhythm, dark lyricism and blends of neo-classical harmonies.

Matilda is also, and equally, a disciplined outdoor athlete who seeks to meet the demands of an ever increasing physical gamble.

The Three Peaks Ascension, an annual International sport and charity event in Banff National Park, is a 24 hour ordeal to ascend the three most difficult peaks, in the vicinity of the townsite of Banff, Alberta, Canada.

The peaks often cloaked in the shrouds of passing clouds, climb to the height of over 10,000 feet and provide a tremendously dramatic archetypal representation of the aspirations of the human spirit.

The film follows Matilda as she confronts herself, physically, with the challenge of a life time.

Exemplifying the epitome of creative reaching, heroic in scope, Matilda’s endeavor will be a lens from which we will be able to discern the community of effort necessary for achievement. From the mentors, other composers and musicians in the Banff Centre Program, who contribute to the realization of Matilda’s musical works to the members of her athletic team as they battle the clock to attain a record performance.

The film will convey the full drama, struggle, joy, and sheer determination of this irrepressible woman.

Importantly, the work is not solely the story of the struggle to attain an arduous goal — powerful television in itself - but it is also to be an intimate study: What makes Matilda run? The work will pose the question and answer it — not through any intellectual or wordy analysis — but through a in-depth portrait of Matilda — her engagement with music, her love of intense physical fulfillment in natural environments, her support groups and family.

This reveal is to be about creativity —through the personal to the universal— an unprecedented joining of new classical music, an athletic sports risk in the Canadian Rockies, and the narrative journey of a captivating, highly gifted young woman and the community that supports and encourages her to reach her full potential — a summit she is yearning to attain.