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“Vancouver's experimental film and media culture is a tenacious and many-rooted weed, far from the cultural centres of Canada, North America, and the world and unwarmed by the city's Hollywood hothouse. As the late Ken Anderlini writes inside, our media art scene may be what saves Vancouver, precisely because it's one of the few things in our city that is not for sale. From our damp city's volatile humus grows this book, its beautiful and uncategorizable pages composing a variegated, weird, enchanting flower."
Laura U. Marks, Associate Professor and Dena Wosk, University Professor in Art and Culture Studies, Simon Fraser University

DAMP: Contemporary Vancouver Media Arts

Damp includes over 25 contributions from such artists as Laiwan, Fiona Bowie, Ann Marie Fleming, David Rimmer, Warren Arcan, Yum Lam Li, Peter Courtemance and critical essays by Vancouver theorists Clint Burnham, Jayce Salloum, and Randy Lee Cutler.
"A terminal city primer stuffed to bursting with ideas about the city as a movie. Here Vancouver appears at last beyond the reach of condo moguls and dime store politicos, re-imagined instead as a first person picture crawl all wrapped up in candy coated word balloons and champagne prose. Here are the dissenters, the ones who have run out of real estate but never ideas, the underground comics and lush life photographs, the alien spotters and new media theorists. Essential stuff." Mike Hoolboom, Filmmaker and author of "Inside the Pleasure Dome: Fringe Film in Canada"

"The impressions of Vancouver captured by its leading new media artists and theorists in this collection are both more anxious and credible than the ersatz Hollywood movies, TV shows and real estate ads that emanate from the corporate coast. The artists depict their city as a place perpetually in a state of becoming, as ungraspable as rain, whose direction can only be inferred by its traces, like charged particles in a cloud chamber. In this dance of decay and fluorescence, the only constants are the ache of loss and the effervescence of the new."
Liam Lacey, Arts and Film Contributor, The Globe and Mail

"Many of my favourite Canadian thinkers and media makers are represented in this sharp, engaging book. It captures that rich interplay between cultural critics, filmmakers of all generations, visual artists and activists which has given everyone else in Canada Vancouver-envy. The theorizing here is smart, the visuals endlessly inventive. When most of us weren't looking, Vancouver displaced Toronto as the Canadian centre for vanguard thinking about media, culture and place.”
Will Straw, Professor, Media, McGill, Montreal