The following is a machined text — by algorithmic cut-up — of my biographical notes on Charles Darwin — Oliver Hockenhull

this man darwin and the buddha or the tongue thick in the givenness of memory/*/*/*/*/*/understand this/*/*/*/*/*/appropriate this/*/*/*/*/*/evolution: an involuntary art/*/*/*/*/*/darwin was an invalid and suffered from vomiting/*/*/*/*/*/merely a savage who has never seen a peeble as same/*/*/*/*/*/tribalism – much of war is proof of the tribal nature of humankind’s socio pathological condition/*/*/*/*/*/a social animal to the extreme of murderous intent/*/*/*/*/*/examples are too numerous to mention/*/*/*/*/*/hearing the nature of the trajectory of them, from an accumulation of each individual repetition remembers the outer world met/*/*/*/*/*/merely a miracle of probability or merely of traffic/*/*/*/*/*/we are essentially made up of evolution/*/*/*/*/*/the suffering is not photographed was not as important as a pebble as important as we shall presently see, a time animal/*/*/*/*/*/living organisms are essentially made up of the given of poetry and by the fullness of elementary parts/*/*/*/*/*/the noise of the weighing of reality/*/*/*/*/*/darwinism stresses conflict and reproducing/*/*/*/*/*/hearing time fold each individual repetition remembers the earth/*/*/*/*/*/an adjoining aquarium stocked with knowing such is the rules of probability or to catch the buddha/*/*/*/*/*/of that remembrance making tomorrow/*/*/*/*/*/hearing the animal from the buddha/*/*/*/*/*/the christ, absolves all is truly an ideal in evolutionary terms?/*/*/*/*/*/why flower beautiful? even to children?/*/*/*/*/*/origin of evil/*/*/*/*/*/here pleasure and pain is felt there must be consciousness?? can insects live with no more consciousness than our intestines have?/*/*/*/*/*/each individual repetition remembers the world over against it, he would probably reflect on thus for a darwin has/*/*/*/*/*/the fullness of the every day of endless number/*/*/*/*/*/that they reproduce themselves/*/*/*/*/*/a beautiful gorilla face/*/*/*/*/*/the reach of the needed trick in the model of reality/*/*/*/*/*/darwin said, regarding his children: “my dread is hereditary ill-health. even death is better for them.” his own affliction, inheritable/*/*/*/*/*/the fullness of options/*/*/*/*/*/is the questions of the monkey and ceased to prevent the first magnitude; the imperative of them, from the milieu is that we shall presently see, a large plate-glass window, were to the christian tradition as same/*/*/*/*/*/complexity can emerge spontaneously in any system in which many parts interact according to certain rules/*/*/*/*/*/the first waves reaching the every day of a long time fold/*/*/*/*/*/darwin between his profound knowing, stated the whole fabric totters and the weighing of heaven?/*/*/*/*/*/time only a neglect of memory/*/*/*/*/*/a curious case has been a walking on water? – the reach of heaven?/*/*/*/*/*/all of reality/*/*/*/*/*/the world over against the curvature of the movement and the movement and placements of existence is that remembrance making tomorrow/*/*/*/*/*/”pride and suspicion are qualities, which my father says are almost constantly present in people, likely to become insane- now this is well worth considering, if pride and suspicion can be well understood” said charles darwin/*/*/*/*/*/each individual repetition remembers the weight of each individual repetition remembers the animal from there on, but the imperative of each individual repetition remembers the cycles of reality/*/*/*/*/*/it was once said by darwin:”it is reserved for men to live this double life. to exist, and to be conscious of existence: to be rational, and to know that he is so.” and he also said: “a dog whines and so does man”/*/*/*/*/*/living organisms are due to reason, or to be one of the trajectory of the cycles of them, from an action once performed/*/*/*/*/*/, immediacy, and placements of the excess of data…it’s the weight of endless number/*/*/*/*/*/what does it mean that remembrance making tomorrow/*/*/*/*/*/pythagoras it mean that we are very complicated aggregations of gravity and a long time fold/*/*/*/*/*/what is the curvature of the wind/*/*/*/*/*/a beautiful gorrilla and wet/*/*/*/*/*/this miracle of the methodology of endless number/*/*/*/*/*/our ancestor was an animal which breathed water, had a swim bladder, a great swimming tail, an imperfect skull, and undoubtedly was an hermaphrodite! here is a pleasant genealogy for mankind/*/*/*/*/*/living organisms are essentially made up of probability or merely a large plate-glass window/*/*/*/*/*/here an escape – the buddha, the milieu is the buddha, the buddha, the buddha/*/*/*/*/*/certain, immediacy, and a window-frame; but very complicated aggregations of
survival/*/*/*/*/*/living organisms are very complicated aggregations of elementary parts, and determinations
/*/*/*/*/*/the tongue thick in his profound knowing, stated “the whole fabric totters and falls” – that was charles darwin/*/*/*/*/*/the tongue thick in evolutionary terms? each stirred by human wishes – an ideal in the buddha/*/*/*/*/*/time only a time animal a beautiful – a time animal

circumstances having given to the bee its instinct is not less wonderful than man his intellect

the tongue thick in the animal from there should have first waves reaching the singularity of the attempt on the world once upon a pebble as important as we shall presently see, a long time animal

sexual reproduction, and the street – therefore each gene in individual bodies – this stranger has intentions on you – it can be said to the perfection of those that once limited for survival, and genetic divergence while in evolution is continuum of adaptation, for such progressive qualities leading to exist in the gene pool in practice

the suffering is not photographed was the buddha, the idea of each individual repetition remembers the needed trick in terms of data…it’s the world once upon a hedge against the fractions and as smooth as charles darwin between the mouth and a face this latter principle, however, is the noise of the outer world at the imperative of numbers and by the model of the future to catch the trajectory of gravity and by his profound knowing, stated “the whole fabric totters and the atmosphere all of survival

imagination is truly an escape – an ocean

the very essence of instinct is that it’s followed independently of reason

i have steadily endeavoured to keep my mind free so to give up any hypothesis, however much beloved (and i cannot resist forming one on every subject), as soon as facts are shown to be opposed to it

believing as i do that man in the distant future will be a far more perfect creature than he now is, it is an intolerable thought that he and all other sentient beings are doomed to complete annihilation after such long continued slow progress. to those who fully admit the immortality of the human soul, the destruction of our planet will not appear so dreadful – charles darwin (the decent of man 1871)

rather it seems more exactly the first step in gaining mates, either all of this gesture again and the radiant point of life in flight, and a new species (or two) is in the panoramic horizon of sexually attractive females.

this is not photographed – was not our own…

the suffering is empathy, curiosity, intelligence, humour, dispassion

charles darwin too ill to write charles darwin too ill to write charles darwin too ill to write charles darwin too ill to write charles darwin too ill to write charles darwin too ill to write charles darwin too ill to write
very unwell…1867 temporary failure of meaning…

on flowers bending towards light in a mirror.

“fears his work may lead him to discount what cannot be proved, and advises that there are some things which “if true are likely to be above our comprehension.” emma darwin.

C. Darwin
was sick but two pills of opium righted me

gone from thinking as a general premise to awaiting the decision of the day

tribal identity is basically a program the adaption of an an adaptation – a mechanical trap to encourage solidarity and cohesion against the other – the other that is different, a threat, a competitor.

horrible mechanical trap one – survival of fitness everyone is out to get you the focus on competition will undoubtedly further morph society and individuals into antagonistic and righteous tribes we will see the triumph of jingoism over the paper thin crust of the globalist.

the few remaining truths are

suicide notes
shopping lists

he posted off vials of vomit for analysis…to no avail during one six month period he vomited after every meal, and several times nightly- at one point for 27 days in a row

the world once against the animal from an action once upon a shock with such violence against it, he would probably reflect on water?

an ideal in his profound knowing, stated “the whole fabric totters and the idea of the first shore

heidegger paraphrasing melville paraphrasing darwin

evolution is historically contingent – that is, its products in one time are the consequences of events, perhaps relatively insignificant ones, that took place long before

this is that they reproduce themselves

or to dash himself with monkeys, as charles darwin has the fullness of life as that

imagination is a long time animal

each individual repetition remembers the idea of data

this image was the buddha

dna – a parasite

the totality of the gorilla face

because there is no separate entity of probability or to the buddha, the questions of intellectual history – how? because there should ever be one of life as smooth as a window-frame; but the christian tradition as charles darwin and the earth the totality of memory

living organisms are very complicated aggregations of poetry

what does it mean: a first shore?

a peacock’s tail was thus formed (darwin)

time only thing with which to catch the world

living organisms are essentially made up of heaven?

reflect on the gorilla’s face

here an involuntary art of gravity and atmosphere all a long time fold you would for a plate of endless number

hearing the curvature of reality

charcot’s famous diagnosis: ” c’est toujours la chose génitale, toujours, toujours, toujours.”

“…he marked out his quarter-mile thinking path, the “sandwalk” on which he would, on most everyday take a constitutional walk.”

during his courting of emma, he began to consider sexual arousal and in his notebook wrote:
“november 27th. – sexual desire makes saliva flow yes certainly-curious association: i have seen nina (the dog) licking her chops. – someone has described slovering teethless-jaws, as picture of disgusting lewd old man one tendency to kiss, and almost bite, that which one sexually loves is probably connected to flow of saliva and hence the action of mouth and jaws. – lascivious women, are described as biting, as do stallions always.”


“as for a wife, that most interesting specimen in the whole series of vertebrate animals, providence only knows whether i shall ever capture one or be able to feed her if caught.”

darwin just couldn’t keep food down. public appearances made him sick so did going to london so did pondering the implications of his theory for christianity in which he had once believed and so did the prospect of taking on the scientific establishment with on the origin of species which only appeared 20 years after he had first conceived it at one point he calculated that four-fifths of his working day was lost in trembling and vomiting

ever the scientist, darwin sent off phials of his vomit for testing all kinds of diets were tried. a dr gully treated him with hydropathy – gallons of mineral water, no sugar, salt, bacon or “anything good” and bracing cold douches. a dr clark took the opposite approach – a “dry diet” of toast and minimal fluids. this left darwin gasping for “a wine-glass of water”, but still wracked by sickness. he died in 1882, begging for death, after a prolonged bout of retching.