Citizen Planet is to focus on the positive promise of what a responsible governance would be like in an enlightened, global networked civilization: the primacy of environmental integrity; the supreme valuation of life itself; and the wealth of human creativity, vitalized and activated upon.  It’s to be cinematic, educational, imagistic, enjoyable, enlightening — mobilized opportunity scanning & blue-sky cultural projections.

What if we treated governance & economy as a philosophical & aesthetic creative project, a matter of solving technical issues rather than warring clans fighting over the remains of a rapacious and absurdly imbalanced system?

“Will ownership turn out to be largely a hack people resorted to

before they had the infrastructure to manage sharing properly?” Paul Graham

What if we lived, worked and contributed in the reality of one decentralized planet rather than the programming of the corporate state?

What if we demanded much more from our political culture than a choice every four years between that which is sufferable and that which is worse?

What if we took ideology, religion, ego and even personality, out of governance?

Say — what if we rid ourselves of politics entirely and conceived governance, the management of resources, as a plumber might a toilet system, a farmer might a compost pile, a network theorist a web of relationships or a composer a symphony?

That “what if” and that “as if”, and the open mindset of speculative science is to illuminate the enquiry as to what we may achieve in the world we find ourselves in.

civilization renewed & ordered by a life-centric technological & mindful renaissance

Computational & algorithmic engines, the occasions of harnessing collective intelligence, cybernetic advancements and egalitarian demands are informing an awakened tomorrow of cultural and productive possibilities.

A not-yet-future holding our momentous dreams is gestating outside the edge of our peripheral vision and an extraordinary birth is at hand.

The agony we hear all around us, that we have heard for many generations, is the struggle cries of this birth.

“Science as well as technology will in the near and in the further future increasing(ly) turn from problems of intensity, substance and energy to problems of structure, organization and control.” John von Neumann

Whether it is yet another false hope, a dystopic collapse of justice, privacy, and democracy or the actualized radiance of dawn is yet an uncertainty and much depends on you & I.

This project is the accession of the heart of humanity’s unrequited love affair with the idea of one world, one life; the coming of a lucent mosaic of communities and of a planetary civilization actuated by a story as real as the technology that allows you to read this very writing.

“Today a new planetary scale of computation demands, nevertheless, a new planetary scale of politics. As the current debate on the Anthropocene points to, no political agency is possible without the recognition of a new cognitive perspective
on the whole planet.” Matteo Pasquinelli

We intend to create a passionate advocacy film essay | media project; a manifesto, a course of action, a history and a future about our duty to our home and to ourselves and the means psychological, cultural & technical that will allow us to do so.

It will feature the tailoring of interviews with the world’s edge visionaries, network scientists, cyberneticians, artists, ethicists, philosophers, blockchain evangelists, theoretical evolutionists, neuroscientists, lawyers, historians, Buddhists and Earth activists who are proposing and working towards a world utilizing our collective intelligence, our computing power and the elegant solutions of interdisciplinary-based holistic sciences — including ecological fundamentals (the “end ecocide” movement as the central example), the principles of emergence, and computational intelligence technologies to reset the very idea of governance.

{Please visit my page on my most recently released documentary.  Featured at the Vancouver International Film Festival, The Montreal Nouveau Cinema Festival and at the Seattle International Film Festival 2014}  Work is on iTunes and Netflix and was recently broadcast on the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, the CBC, documentary channel.}

The following individuals have agreed to be interviewed and have included their names in this crowdfunding campaign:

Peter Norvig is a Director of Research at Google Inc; previously he directed Google’s core search algorithms group. He is co-author of Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, the leading textbook in the field. He is a fellow of the AAAI, ACMCalifornia Academy of Science and American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

Stephen M. Omohundro is a scientist known for his research on Hamiltonian physics, dynamical systems, programming languages, machine learning, machine vision, and the social implications of artificial intelligence.

Douglas Rushkoff is the author of Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now as well as a dozen other bestselling books on media, technology, and culture, including Program or Be Programmed, Media Virus, Life Inc and the novel Ecstasy Club. He is Professor of Media Studies and Digital Culture at CUNY/Queens.  He lives in New York and lectures about media, society, and economics around the world.

Other luminaries who have consented:  Vernor VingeNick BostromMatteo PasquinelliMark BuchananDavid BrinErik BrynjolfssonKevin KellyHoward RheingoldFrancis HeylighenCharles EisensteinHoward BloomMichael ChorostChristopher SteinerDavid PearceNatasha Vita-MoreJames J. HughesJohn Mayfield…more yet to be contacted & confirmed.

N.B.: The fields of computation & cybernetics are quite predominantly a Caucasian male dominated area — that’s the current reality. However issues around ecocide & egalitarianism still need to be reflected upon. Local (Vancouver) voices who have agreed to be interviewed — including Sundance Chief Rueben George of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation and Ms. Audrey Siegl, educator/activist with the Musquem Nations’ — to speak to the issues of governance and ecocide from a First Nations perspective.  We’ll balance with additional intuitions from Europe, Asia, Russia, Africa, South America.

We have the tools to envision and create not only a livable future but one that honors and that furthers all of life — and we do so by becoming responsible to the boundless creative visions and compassionate caring of an awakened humanity — woven as an intersecting alive patterning of our collective will & co-evolution.

We are not immured from the dire straits of the planet, of the dismal situation throughout — however for the purpose of this project we have decided to circle our intent upon the orchestration of answers available in applied communication sciences and design — informed and guided by holism.

Citizen Planet is to leapfrog out of the current of obstacles and to harness the decisive leadership of the imagination, inviting in the tomorrow we have looked forward to.

Ignorance is the principle cause of suffering — our project is about the ground of knowledge, knowledge of the self, knowledge of our collectivity, knowledge of our responsibility and the importance of accurately defining our problems and using (and knowing how best to use) the extraordinary tools at hand — not solely for our survival but for our sustainable flourishing.

Empathy | Elegance | Ecotopia | Energy | Enlightenment | Enhancement | Equality | Effort

I’m trying out something new — I’d like this to be an experiment in crowd sourcing the questions, a dialogue with sponsors-as-collaborators — what needs to be answered for the movement towards the reality of one world.

Director’s Screen

In stark contrast to the intellectual content of the interviews, the image work is to be — on occasion — a bejeweled expression, at times refracted meaning will become baroque, ornamental — facets will become piercingly, fully abstract.

To include startling, precise, clean b-roll material (some of which will be CGI built) that yes furthers the premise of the comments, that illustrate the verbal content, but in a way that is not as conspicuous as what is usually done in the documentary form.  It’s to be a patternist work — interviews informed and woven by a W.G. Sebald or maybe your familiar with Johan Grimonprez “Dial H-i-s-t-o-r-y” ?— an interdisciplinary refresh, explication, reflective POV to the future & the past. {Ok, I’m no Sebald nor Grimonprez …but the above is the short hand of what I am aiming for as director.} 

“Evolution is a process of creating patterns of increasing order. I believe that it’s the evolution of patterns that constitutes the ultimate story of our world. Evolution works through indirection: each stage or epoch uses the information-processing methods of the previous epoch to create the next.” Ray Kurzweil
The project is a timepiece, a configuration of an object of time with the perpetual enquiry as to what time/history itself is and what meaning is — to further the simple of the singularity of life brightened by subjective interjections. 

Phase One

Research & Development — Citizen Planet is to create a thorough and inclusive work resonant in historical, critical remembrance and concurrently futuristic.  Buying the time and aligning the resources to make it so is the first hurdle.  This first phase of this project is a look back to better leap forward. A rummage through obscure film and video archives, a reading of a library or two of books, review and analysis of current institutional initiatives aligned with the intention of the project and further necessary preparations for the interviews.

It does take time to synthesize the research into questions that bring clarity and precision to the interviews and the subject under review.  To do a great interview the interviewer must have a handle on the knowledge base of the interviewee and of the subject area itself. That requires extensive research and reading to form the scaffolding for the opportunity of the interview. I am not wanting simply to rehash the known but to pull from our interview subjects their most inspiring & most syncretic thoughts — concepts & premises that can make differences that make a difference.  

It takes dream time to invite in the dreams to make the content not only meaningful but visually and intellectually innovative, engaging, full. Research is done concurrently on structural possibilities and on design and aesthetic team building and direction. All sponsors and all in general are encouraged to be part of this research and educational engagement | dialogue.

This is a multiphase & multiyear, multipass project. 

Phase One — 6 months

Synchronous research and readings, correspondence with sponsors and collaborators, corresponding with institutions and selected individual experts.

Archival research & gathering of archival material.  Writing.

Existence | maintenance in Vancouver 1.5 K X 6 months = $9,000.

Studio & Net Expenses 500. X 6 = $3,000.

Archives estimate: $1,500.

Other Research Costs: $800.

Demo Shoot, Gear, Travel, Editing, Graphics, Writing : $10,000.

Web & Design Assistance: $3,500.

Fulfilment of Pledges & Shipping: $500.

Work Sum: $28,300.

Plus Dana to Dana @ 5%: $1,415.00

Sum: $29,715.

Conclusion this phase : Multimedia hyperlinked Ebook & Preliminary Video

Phase Two & Impact Stretch Goal #1 — 9 months 

Organizing and scheduling of interviews {Please send me your thoughts on others that should be contacted.}

Interview shoots —  $25,000. The piece will be constructed in the editing & interactive suite.  Editing of material, writing, graphics, further purchase of archival material, recording of voice over, sound design, design & engineering of the interactivity, + b-roll shoots

release:  $120,000.

Phase Two Total: $145,000.

Conclusion: Feature Film Essay

Total Both Productions: $174,715.$

Phase 3 Stretch Goal: Wonder & Awe  — Double Plus Quality —

(for an interactive website based on celestial movements built with processing to automate edits of the vid, additional music and film rights purchases, heavy promotion, and ongoing development — and then there’s dana to dana.)

Add $100K 


We have some incredible gifts to offer in exchange for your support; receive credit as an Executive Producer, get mind blowing & limited edition blurays and DVDs, some extraordinarily rare archival material of Buckminster Fuller, personal interactions and reports, an art collectors piece — a one of a kind — steganography coded version of the project — in effect a unique, personalized film.

Balloons      Balloons     Balloons

they’re organic & biodegradable and are emblazoned with quotes from the pioneering cyberneticists Norbert Wiener, Alan Turing & Ross Ashby — and with morse code of the first coded coinage — Canada’s odd “victory” nickel of 1943/1945 —“We Win When We Work Willingly”  — a sentiment that sums up our current collective pickle and the solution to the pickle. There’s also some exclusive large round Darwin Face Balloons.


Everyone who contributes is listed as a supporter of the project + gets text and video updates on the project. I’ll be sending out monthly production reports, to let you know who has been confirmed for interviews, where we are going conceptually (it’s a living process, a creative & intellectual adventure story), I’ll be soliciting your feedback and questions, opening up the intent for our collaboration and critique. At the end of the two different stages of the project everyone who contributes will receive the first draft iteration of the multimedia eBook & at the 2nd stage dependent on reaching our funding goals — the full movie.

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“I believe that history might be, and ought to be, taught in a new fashion so as to make the meaning of it as a process of evolution intelligible.”
T. H. Huxley