artistically exquisite

"The Northwest Film Center has been screening various works of Oliver Hockenhull’s for over 15 years and I always feel a rush of excitement when I find that he has a new project ready for screening. His work is consistently and artistically exquisite, intellectually challenging and technically masterful. His singular cinematic voice, at once scholarly and curious, is also imaginatively flamboyant and experimental—in the best senses of all those words."

Thomas Phillipson, Director, Northwest Film Center

deeply innovative

Oliver Hockenhull is gifted with a critical and inquiring mind, an extensive background in cinema and new media theory and practice, and an ability to bridge the various mental models that exist between disparate systems of representation in the field of new media technologies. His artistic and academic ability originates and extends far beyond his grounding in cinema practice. Mr. Hockenhull has a great energy and intelligence which stems from his commitment and deep questioning of the crossing of social, political, economic and artistic aspects of cinema, visual art and electronic technological production. I have witnessed his extraordinary generosity as an artist, researcher, and producer on many occasions. Oliver has participated in the local and global electronic arts and new media community, taking on a leading role in the administration and programming of the Electronic Arts Festivals here in Vancouver, through the digital eARTh Foundation.

Oliver is a prolific in his artistic output: he has developed a rich and intelligent body of work as a documentary filmmaker, combining filmmaking and creative process in deeply innovative and exploratory ways that weave together materiality, documentary, and philosophical narrative. This is evidenced in his extensive screening and presentation credits.

Oliver Hockenhull exhibits an unusual capacity in bridging worlds inhabited by cinema, visual art, new technologies, theory and practice.

Prof. Thecla Schiphorst
School of Interactive Arts and Technology
Simon Fraser University

more then exceeded our expectations

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with pleasure that I write this recommendation for Oliver Hockenhull. Oliver taught as a Visiting Artist and Lecturer in the Department of Radio/Television/Film, Northwestern University for two years. At the time I was head of the MFA Program. In addition, he and I team taught the Advanced Directing sequence (for seniors and MFA students), where Oliver taught the first ten weeks of the course (preproduction and production) and I taught the subsequent ten weeks (continuing production and postproduction).

Oliver was hired because he was an award winning filmmaker with an illustrious career of films and juried screenings. We hoped that he would bring this experience into the classroom; he more then exceeded our expectations.

Oliver is a passionate and dedicated teacher. He showed up at the first class of Advanced Directing, made a quick assessment of the students and their preparations for their directing projects, and reshaped the course on the spot. He rightly perceived that before they could direct they needed basic script work. He reoriented the beginning
weeks of the class to workshopping their scripts and even designed worksheets that enabled the students to define and evolve their characters in relationship to story. This exercise was so good that I’ve used it in many different types of classes since. The ground work Oliver did with the directing students laid a solid foundation for their film
projects; the films in this particular class were the best ever produced in the course.

Two of the twelve students in the class went on to graduate directing programs at the University of Southern California and the American Film Institute; the directing projects they created in Advanced Directing were the centerpiece of their applications. Oliver consistently brought the art and film worlds into the classroom in order to
deepen the experiences of the students. For the advanced lighting class, to cite just one other example, he arranged for the acclaimed cinematographer John Bailey to visit Northwestern where he gave a hands on master class for our students.

Beyond teaching, Oliver was a good colleague. He advised student extracurricular groups, actively participated with MFA crits and committees, and was fully involved in all aspects of department life.

I give him my highest recommendation.

Michelle Citron, Ph.D., Chair
Department of Interdisciplinary Arts
Columbia College, Chicago

Oliver’s teaching

I had the pleasure of being involved as a student in a number of classes that Oliver taught during his time at Northwestern University. I was an undergraduate Radio/Television/Film major during his years at the school and after graduation I went on to found a documentary production company based in Israel. 

It was in Documentary Production where Oliver carefully brought students into what was for him an already familiar and intricate world of purposeful, ethical, and potent storytelling. After many candid conversations on a bench in front of our department building, his guidance was the single greatest outside factor in contributing to the successful creation of my documentary, "Devil's Symphony."

Oliver had the insight and courage as a teacher to not let me stop at the first manifestation of an idea. Or the second. He insisted that a student develops his or her work not only as an exercise suitable for the learning process, but as a far-reaching and valid piece ready to move outside of the classroom. "Devil's Symphony" went on to be sold in dozens of countries and became a standard for discussion in tinnitus, a subtle yet life-changing medical condition, and is still used today as a tool by tinnitus support organizations around the world. 

A year later, in the Advanced Directing sequence, Oliver was an insightful mentor throughout the conceptual, scriptwriting, and auditioning process - always willing to provide non-judgemental but valid and vital feedback. Drawing from the vibrant background of his own work, he was able to provide every student with the specific mind-set needed during the dedicated process of creating and directing a narrative short film. The dozen or so students involved in that intense framework all greatly appreciated the focus on character craftsmanship that Oliver demanded. 

Every project I work on today is influenced by the groundwork that Oliver provided, both through theory in lecture and through hands-on film work. The highly responsive and delicate processes that we were immersed in, were all the richer because of Oliver's teaching. I would be envious of any student who could benefit from the guidance of a classroom-based experience with Oliver as teacher and mentor. 


David Cohen 

Northwestern University

Director/Producer Peter Wintonick

To Whom It May Concern:

Quite simply, Hockenhull is the brightest light working in film, video and new media today in Canada. He is an intelligent man, a sensitive artist, a visionary realist and a real symbolist.

I give him my strongest endorsement. You should do the same. (via email)
Peter Wintonick
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Peter Wintonick, Producer/Director, Necessary Illusions Productions,Inc. 24 Mont-Royal Ave.W.,# 1008 Montreal Quebec Canada H2T 2S2 "Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media" Chomsky archive - Contributing Editor: POV Magazine Official "Thinker In Residence" for the Government of South Australia, 2005 Governor General Award Winner In Media Arts, The Canada Council, 2005

exceptionally well informed

“I had the pleasure of spending time with Oliver Hockenhull discussing our clinical research and doing an interview for his film, Neurons to Nirvana. As someone who does a lot of media interviews, I found Oliver to be exceptionally well informed about his subject and thoughtful and skillful in his approach as a filmmaker. It was an enjoyable and interesting experience for me, and the resulting film is very good and has had a large impact on educating the public.”

Michael Mithoefer, MD,

MDMA/PTSD researcher

mobile technology and live screen works

I have known Oliver in his capacity as a filmmaker and interdisciplinary artist since 1990. I have worked with Oliver on a collaboration designing and developing participatory mobile technology and live screen works in Vancouver's inner-city. I find Oliver highly informed by past and current trends in media production, and with his grasp of broader philosophical and communication theories, he brings a dynamic mix of conceptual and practical tactics and strategies to our work. His split-focus role in both Vancouver and international arts communities confirms both his active engagement, as well as his invaluable connections and contributions to both scenes. I am inspired by his local cultural sector work, and look forward to further interdisciplinary curatorial and production collaborations.

Irwin Oostindie
Executive Director, W2
Mobile: 604.644.4349 • Fax 604.844.7441
Skype: irwin_oostindie

knowledge, insight, and intellectual rigor

“I have been a colleague of Oliver Hockenhull since 1985 when I had the opportunity to score his film "Lenz". Through our long association I have been involved as a composer and/or sound designer on a number of Oliver's film works all of which I’ve found to be intellectually challenging, innovative and visually engaging.

Oliver's commitment to explore new ways to communicate, along with his meticulous attention to detail and infectious enthusiasm has rendered these collaborations formidable and rewarding experiences.

As an educator, my observation is that Oliver is thorough, understanding, and patient when communicating with others. His knowledge, insight, and intellectual rigor motivate others to explore and question in a comprehensive and conscientious manner.”

Dennis Burke, Composer, Prof. ECUAD

a dedicated and conscientious artist-mentor

“Oliver Hockenhull has been, and continues to be, a dedicated and conscientious artist-mentor to our students in the Film/Video + Integrated Media program at Emily Carr University.

Oliver always has many projects on the go at various stages of development and production, which our students enjoy. The internship experiences that he offers our students are always rich, rewarding, lively, full of interesting discussions, and demanding! Bravo, Oliver!

We really appreciate the opportunities you provide for our students in helping them grow as media artists.”

Harry Killas, Associate Professor, Emily Carr University

uncompromising creativity

“Oliver Hockenhull: Uncompromising creativity, philosophically informed, visually exciting, innovative and honest.” Mark Achbar, co-director: "The Corporation", co-director: "Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media"