Leiden International Short Film Festival, Jurist Award Best of the Northwest Film Festival, Portland, Seoul International New Media Festival, Montana Film Festival, Antimatter Film Festival, Victoria.

This is a confluence of intent and a revisiting of an iconic animation by Norman McLaren - "Synchromy" 1971.

McLaren's "Synchomy"  is an early form of machine art, a formal modernist gesture revealing & reveling in the immediate transparency of code and signal, a chimerical fantasy of speculative references--prophetic futurism reading itself, speaking itself.

What I have done: reinterpreted and composited informed by the morphic quality of code, its slippage and variability, creating a highly saturated abstracted wave ocean horizon/sunrise pulsed imagistcally by the musical track.


One can propose that a date of global potentiality realized is that of the first satellite escapes of the outer atmosphere into synchronous orbit about the planet.  The "beep beep beep" of the release from the gravity of the earth harkened a globalization beyond the babble of tongues (of separate nationhood and identity) to the noosphere of our collective reference -- a radical "Synchomy" of aesthetics as bare meaning of meaning (understanding) in the perpetual now. +  furthering of Mclaren's interest in the inner visions, a referencing of  "the strobe attack", a flicker machine capable of spontaneously induce visions of "fabulously brilliant colors and patterns" (McLaren,"On the Creative Process"p. 42).


Clips composited A) "Devils Girls From Mars"(1954),
B) Pudovkin's"Mechanicsof the Brain"(1926), a study of Pavlov's classical conditioning experiments C)--Animation Sputnik launch(1957)

Do I need to draw the points to points regarding where we are now?